Memorial Sculpture

The ‘N scale’ memorial sculpture is a specially designed object reminiscent of a cargo vessel and modelled on the site layout of the factory complex that burnt down. It was designed by the artist to carry a ‘cargo’ of one hundred and eight-eight ‘N scale’ plastic shipping containers, one for each of the victims.

These containers sit in the top layer of a set of four boxes, or ‘storeys’, wrapped up in coloured ribbons.

Over the next year from May 10th 2017 to May 10th 2018 each  of these plastic containers will be transformed from industrially produced models of ‘N scale’ shipping containers into precious hand-polished copper casts of the same models. The casts will be made using UK copper coins minted before 1992 and collected from donations made by people who attend the ‘N scale’ commemorative events.
As the casts are produced they will be added to the memorial sculpture, taking up the space where the plastic models/moulds once were.


The ‘N scale’ memorial sculpture was exhibited as part of ‘Diagrams‘ curated by Niamh McDonnell at Pallas Projects, Dublin and Queen Street Studios, Belfast, Sept/Oct 2015

‘N scale’: living memorial Installation view ‘Diagrams’, QSS, Belfast


‘N scale’:memorial sculpture  Installation view ‘Diagrams’, Pallas Projects, Dublin


‘N scale’: memorial sculpture
Installation view of ‘unpacked’ vessel, ‘Diagrams’, Pallas Projects, Dublin