Inoperative Association

In addition to functioning as an artwork and a series of participatory performances, from May 10th 2017 ‘N scale’ will also become an ‘inoperative association’.
Members of this association will be asked to become ‘rememberers’ of a single victim from the Kader factory fire.
They will be given the name of one of the victims and asked to share this name and the story of the fire with other people in their day to day lives. This will be facilitated by each ‘rememberer’ being given a special badge on which is engraved a unique serial number. This number stands for the victim, and for the miniature shipping container that they are connected with in the ‘N scale’ memorial sculpture. It is intended to remind people of the anonymity conferred upon these young women and men and the degree to which, within the system of supply-chain logistics that they serve, ‘they’ have become only numbers and statistics, rather than living – and dying – people. By wearing this badge the ‘rememberer’ will bear witness to this anonymisation and if asked about the badge they will then have the opportunity to undo this pernicious act of disappearance by speaking the name of the victim and telling the story of their tragic and needless death.